Jeff Stanek

Montana House of Representatives District 90

Recorded debates:

With Liberty and Justice For All

The greatest defense against tyranny is an educated and knowledgeable citizenry. We as Montanans must know what goes on in Helena and I promise to keep you informed. I will never support an elitist stance on decision making in our government. We the people make up our government and we have a right to know what goes on.

We Must Know What Goes On In Our Government

Our state and country do not need any more politicians. We need public servants that truly represent we, the people. I am not motived by greed, lust, power, personal gain, or notoriety. I am motivated by my convictions to God Almighty and my responsibility to my family, community, and country.

I Am Not A Politician, But A Servant.

I pledge to you, the people, that I will protect and defend our sacred freedoms enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights and to fight against any form of tyranny.