Politicians promise a lot things. When they campaign, they make all kinds of promises. And when they get into office, many of those promises are not kept. To be fair, when they are elected they may come to the realization that the things they promised are not possible because of the system they have entered. It may be that they were genuine in making those promises, but because of a lack of understanding of how the beast really operates, those promises disappear.

It also could be that they were lying.

Sadly, for a lot of us in this country, we have grown tired of a system that is dishonest, secret, complicated, and wrought with corruption.

The machine that we are up against as residents of Montana, and citizens of the United States is a monster. It has divided our country in ways I could not have imagined. It has confused and manipulated our identities, destroyed our trust, stolen our money, and cut apart our rights and freedoms. But because our founders had extreme forethought and wisdom, they designed our country in a way to protect us from such destruction. One of those ways is through the states. Montana, along with other likeminded states in the Union are an arrangement of checks and balances to what is taking place on the federal level.

It has recently been brought to my attention that there is a nationwide movement (www.termlimits.com) that is banding together to demand that the federal government place term limits on congress.

I support this.

We are reaching a fever pitch in our nation; one that brings with it demands of accountability, transparency, and the ending of political dynasties. No more “career politicians.”

It used to be that someone running for office was wanting to serve their country. Today, it appears that many of those in office, or running for office, are looking for serfs to serve them. Thankfully, initiatives that are led by the people of our state and others are fighting back using the processes and methods designed by our founding fathers.

I am running for the Montana House of Representatives because I want to serve. I want to be part of the movement that stops the corruption, that puts power back in the hands of the people, and that limits our government. I will be held to account for all that I do on this earth and that is a very sobering thought. How I treat others and how I manage the things I am responsible for is no small matter. The only promises you will hear from me are these:

I will fight against any form of tyranny.

I will fight against fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer money.

I will tell anyone who wants to know, what really goes on in Helena.

I will do my damnedest to preserve what our nation was founded upon.

Running for House District 90,

Jeff Stanek