Property taxes are outrageous. The latest numbers I have seen show that the median property tax in Montana has risen about 21% (Montana Free Press.) The Governor has put together a task force to come up with solutions to this problem. We have heard some say that we should go to a state sales tax to help with lowering our property taxes. They argue that out-of-staters will ease our tax burden because they will have to pay this sales tax too. Others suggest that we can lower property taxes by increasing taxes on goods or services used predominantly by tourists.

Why isn’t anyone being the voice of reason and pointing out that we have too many taxes, taxes are too high, and lowering one tax by creating another is nothing more than government sleight of hand. It gives the appearance of lowering our taxes, but in reality, they have just changed how or where the tax will be collected.

Here is an idea: Place a cap on the tax that can be collected from Montana residential properties. I signed a petition a few years ago to achieve this… I am not sure what happened to it… (Montana Supreme Court squashed it)

Nevertheless, it is anti-conservative to say, “Yes I want to lower taxes.” Then at the same time say, “I want to create new taxes.”

If we the people allow it, government and politicians will continue to take more from us. It is a universal truth in governments throughout history. The taxes they collect now are never enough in the future. It is time we disrupt this process. Our state collected 2.5 billion dollars more in taxes than they anticipated last year.

Keep in mind that Article 8: Section 9 of the Montana Constitution requires our state government to have a balanced budget. If our state government has limits on how much they can take from us, then in turn they will have limits on how much they can spend.

Where are my likeminded citizens who are tired of big government and more taxes?

Running for Montana House District 90,

Jeff Stanek