“All warfare is based on deception.”- Sun Tzu

If you have not recognized it already: There is a war on for our minds, hearts, souls, children, families, communities, identities, and country.

This war is based on deception. Our enemy operates in disguise most of the time.

Those on the left will claim that they desire equality and equity (which are not the same thing.) They will claim that they desire tolerance, peace, freedom, and inclusivity. And many of these people are very genuine in their zeal. However, they fall into four groupings. They are either misled, ignorant, crazed, or deceptive.

Let us start with equity vs equality. I support equality. I support equal opportunity for all Americans. I do not support a forced equal outcome. That is what equity really means; equal outcome by force. That is not what our country is founded upon. Merit and action should decide the outcome, not government, not an organization, and certainly not an ideology.

Second, some on the left pride themselves in “tolerance.” But the historical record shows that they are only tolerant of their own beliefs, philosophies, and political ideas. If you happen to disagree with them, especially publically, you will see just how “tolerant” they really are. Our cities were burned, businesses destroyed, police defunded, vaccinations mandated, masks required, and our children abused in the name of “tolerance.” Along with this, is the inverted idea of peace. For many on both sides of the political spectrum, not just the left, peace means war. And war means big money for some.

It is not just the double speak of war and peace. Help me understand how the left will say that healthcare is a universal right, but then in the same breath promote killing a child still in the womb? I guess the child in the womb has not been granted their “rights” from government yet. This means that individuals (the government) will arbitrarily decide on when that child receives their “rights.”

Along with “rights” and more double speak; the left states that freedom of speech and our First Amendment are vital. Yet, they want to force me or someone else to change my speech in reference to being a male or female. They love to exercise their freedom of speech and then demand that I be jailed for “hate speech” if I disagree with their stance on gender, sexuality or anything they have a strong opinion about.

Finally, they promote the term “inclusivity.” The left uses terms and jargon that sound important. So, what is inclusivity? It means to include everyone, and all ideas, no matter how problematic they may be. This means we must be inclusive to the 50-year-old man who identifies as a 15-year-old girl and allow him to change and shower in the young girls’ locker room. It means accepting the “minor attracted person” for who they are and what they stand for (pedophilia.)

Am I the only one who thinks this is insanity? It is time for those that want to be left alone (I was one of them) to stand up and resist. We cannot be silent anymore. The only thing that defeats a lie is the Truth. I will speak the truth. I will speak the truth with love, respect and kindness, but I will speak the truth. There are only two genders: Male and Female. If you are unsure what you are, a basic biology book will help you. Likewise, if you want pretend to be another gender; leave me, my family, community, and nation out of it. Do not try to force it on us, and do not try and destroy my freedom of speech to support your gender dysphoria.

Running for Montana House District 90,

Jeff Stanek