How important are signs to a campaign? Can I be successful in sharing my message and stance with voters without them?  Does someone cast a vote for you based on a sign they see?

I have been pondering questions like these since I put my name in the running to be a representative of District 90. 

So far, supporters have donated (along with myself) around $2,000.  I have been very apprehensive to use that money on a bunch of yard signs, giant banners with my face on them, business cards, or scripted mailers. 

As it stands now, some of my supporters’ money has been spent on meet and greets and face to face interactions with voters.  I have also used about $75.00 creating tri-fold pamphlets and my website. 

This whole thing is grassroots and powered by you, the people.  It is focused on what really matters to us in District 90:  Lower taxes, smaller government, personal freedoms, transparency, and the fight against fraud, waste, and abuse of taxpayer money.

Nevertheless, I am a fiduciary of my supporters.  I am responsible for representing them, and I am required to be a good steward of the money they have donated. 

Overwhelmingly, they have voiced their concern and desire for some signs that will help get my name out to those who have not heard of me or this movement.  I will be purchasing five signs that measure 4’x6’ to place in strategic locations around our district to help with name recognition. 

If you have a location that is on a main thoroughfare near DeBorgia, Paradise, St. Regis, Superior, Lozeau, Alberton, Huson, or Frenchtown and you support this movement, please reach out to me. 


This is our district and our state.  I stand for our values, and I want to represent you. I sometimes get pessimistic about where our nation is headed, but I am constantly rejuvenated in this process by the blessings of new friendships and appointments to meet incredible people in our communities.

With Love,

Jeff Stanek

Candidate for Montana House of Representatives, District 90